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The hundred year anniversary of the Fatima apparitions’ is fast approaching. The significance of these past apparitions are magnified as we reflect on the importance that our current Pope has placed on Fatima. Pope Francis, realizing Fatima’s position in the Church, asked Cardinal Policarp, the Patriarch of Lisbon,  to consecrate his papacy to Our Lady of Fatima on May 13th 2013, this was the same date as the first apparition. This momentous event took place at the shrine in Fatima.

Later in the same year, Pope Francis consecrated the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the statue of Fatima that was flown to Rome on October 13th.

Chicago has been active in our preparation! We are the keynote speaker at Holy Name Cathedral this October 11th, 2015. Let us show the Chicago Archdiocese that we still perform the task given to us from Our Lady. Plan on attending and bring a friend!

We are also participating in a new documentary on Fatima that will be  produced and filmed here in Chicago. A trailer was just released featuring our Blue Army children.EWTN will be airing our documentary in an hour long program!

See calendar for October Holy Hours, Events, and special Masses.

Our Spiritual Bouquet for October is Fr. John Powers. We ask each member to offer the following 1 Mass;1 Holy Communion;3 Visits to the Blessed Sacrament;10 Rosaries; 10 Ejaculations; and 1 Way of the Cross.

Please Pray for: Julie DN-Dom-John-Matt-BC-Mick-JM–Lucy GV-JS-Ron-Christiana-Craig-Krista-JM-JN-GN-AS-Fred-Jake-IN-Isaiah-Randy G.-Madeline-John E-Loei A-Michael N.-Joe-Renee-Philip-Dumphy Fam.-Roberts’  R.- Matt R.-Mike D.-John H.-Debbie G.-Christine-Renee Judy P-_Angela S.-Tim-Karyn-Nicholas-Marty C. Joyce-Ruth B.-Antoinette B.-Joseph G.-Eileen R.-Ed M.-Ed Ulrich-Jodie K.-Brad K.-Donna J.-Candice-Mikey Joe-Mary A.-Nathan W.-Ann & Gino-Gill V.-Laura-Kelly G.-Kimberly-Eileen V.-Jim G.-Kaityiun-Mickey T.-Baby Tess-Jill V.-Sue V.-Larry B.-Terry M.-Fred-Orlando M.-Al-Joyce-Ron B.PK-Rev. A. Adduci-Ed-Sophie B.-Donald & Marie-Joe C.-Phil-MAE-Sophie-Sandy P.-Nicolle Z.-John Cambell-Alvina-Ron-Fran-Beth-Dieter-Joe Rossa-

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